4 Critical Mistakes Criminal Defendants Make

Don't commit these mistakes that could put your case in jeopardy and cost you your freedom.

When you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, it is a serious matter. You might feel helpless to fight against the legal system and worried about the consequences of your charges. While there are many things you should do between the time you are charged and your criminal trial, there is one thing you don’t want to do: make mistakes that could take away your freedom. 

Whether you are guilty of the criminal offense or not, it is an unfortunate reality that many defendants commit critical mistakes that could easily have been avoided. These mistakes have the potential to result in a harsher sentence, jail time or even worse. 

What are the most common mistakes criminal defendants make in their cases? How can you avoid these costly mistakes and give yourself a better shot at the results you want? 

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4 Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Criminal Case 

Hiring an Attorney Based on Price

All too often, criminal defendants choose a lawyer based on price rather than experience, skill or communication abilities. This is a big error. Opting for the attorney with the lowest fees can mean that you are settling for someone who may not have enough experience to adequately handle your case. They may not have the level of commitment to you and your case that you need in a San Diego criminal defense attorney. 

Hiring the most expensive attorney can also have its drawbacks. Big-name attorneys with TV spots and bus bench advertisements may look impressive, but very often you won’t work with that attorney at all. You may meet them for your initial consultation and then be passed off to a less experienced associate.  

Instead, interview multiple attorneys. Take advantage of any free consultations with a criminal defense attorney and go prepared with a list of questions. When making your final choice, be sure to hire an attorney with experience in cases similar to yours, excellent communication skills and a demonstrated interest in your case and your freedom. 

Not Hiring an Attorney At All

Even if you’ve been told you possess the power of persuasion, chances are you won’t be able to convince a judge and jury. Defendants who choose not to hire an attorney and represent themselves are making one of the biggest mistakes in the book. 

By choosing to represent yourself, you are putting your freedom at risk. You do not have enough knowledge of the legal system or the laws pertaining to your case to provide yourself with an adequate defense. Further, the far more experienced prosecutors will take advantage of your limited knowledge and outperform you in the courtroom. 

Always hire a criminal defense attorney for your San Diego criminal case. The expense will be well worth it when you can avoid jail time or other long-lasting consequences that can impact your life and family. Your attorney can give you sound legal advice every step of the way to help you put your best case forward in front of the judge. 

Talking to the Police Without an Attorney

Anything you say to the police during your arrest and while in custody can be used against you in court. This includes jailhouse phone calls to a loved one and conversations with other inmates. Be vigilant about protecting your right to remain silent and avoid incriminating yourself in any way. Law enforcement is adept at getting the information they want. Do not give them the opportunity to collect statements that can be used against you in court. 

Upon your arrest, it is best to stay silent. Do not answer any questions until you have your attorney present. Your attorney will advise you every step of the way so you do not make the critical mistake of incriminating yourself in a crime. 

Do Not Post on Social Media

Along the same lines of not talking to police, do not post anything on social media websites that could be used as evidence against you. Law enforcement will search your social media accounts to gather information while building their case. In addition to your Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat accounts, police can obtain your text messages. Do not post any images that could connect you to the crime in question or make you look involved. Avoid exchanging text messages with anyone about the crime or the case.

Avoiding these critical mistakes can save you from facing serious consequences in your criminal defense case. The Law Office of Joni Eisenstein can help you navigate the legal system and work hard to get you the outcome you want in your San Diego criminal defense case. 

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