California Busts Wildlife Poaching Ring

Recently, a suspected poaching ring found itself facing potential criminal charges in California. The California State Wildlife Police made the bust and arrests. These suspects were arrested for poaching and selling sturgeon and other sea creatures on the black market. Poachers seek out the sturgeon because of the roe (caviar) and fish meat. Caviar is an expensive product ($90/ounce), which is likely why these fish are caught and sold. During a routine traffic stop, some of the sturgeon found were more than 7 feet long. One sturgeon was alive when found, and officers documented the capture and returned the live fish to the water. The last of the nine arrests was for suspicion of selling crab and abalone in illegal numbers.

Two days ago, in Sacramento, these arrests were made on suspicion of illegally selling wildlife, which, if charged, means misdemeanors and felony charges. The Department of Fish and Wildlife gathered enough evidence from two cases over the last year, which led to this week's arrests. Surveillance equipment captured much of the illegal activity and will now be submitted by the prosecution in court.

Illegal Poaching in California

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says that poaching is a real problem in California. There are not enough wildlife officers to catch all of them, so they ask all Californians to be watchers for illegal animal poaching and trading activity and report anything suspicious. If facing animal poaching or trading charges in California, contact an excellent criminal defense attorney to represent the case. In California, these charges result in hefty fines and jail time. An experienced lawyer can help fight the charges and ensure all documents are filed on time for the courts, and every effort is made to get the best possible outcome for the case.

Rare animals and protected species are illegal to poach. Sometimes, the species is not fully protected, but exceeding legally set limits on size and quantity can also lead to arrest. Suppose you face charges of illegal poaching or trading of exotic and protected animal species in California. In that case, you need to seek legal representation and find a local attorney who can offer a free consultation and determine the best way to move forward in your case. Facing criminal charges for these crimes can be misdemeanors or felonies, and an experienced lawyer knows how to minimize fines and jail time and, in some cases, get the charges dismissed entirely.

Exotic animals are often brought across the California-Mexico border, and many people face arrests for these crimes. Black bears, snakes, tortoises, mountain lions, tigers, crocodiles, and any other animal that can make some money are being sent over the border to sell on the black market. If you are approached to buy or sell an exotic animal and get caught, you will need an excellent criminal attorney to help. As far as overseas selling and trading of exotic animals, more than 90% of containers that come in through the ports are not checked, and this is one of the reasons people can be tempted to get involved in animal trading to make some quick money. However, with all Californians being called to be watchdogs, arrests will likely come from a tip given to the state wildlife department.

Charges Associated with Poaching

In California, poaching charges and illegal trade of animals may include conspiracy and unlawful sale. California has many acts in place to protect the wildlife in the state and other measures to prevent the illegal sale and trade of exotic and rescued animals. Depending on the specific details of each case, the charges and penalties will vary. Any poaching associated with California bears is a felony and includes fines of $5,000 and one year in jail. Each penalty is a fine, starting at no lower than $1,000.

Most first-time poaching charges are misdemeanors, but depending on the quantity involved and the nature of the poach ultimately help the courts decide how to try the charges. In these instances, anyone facing criminal charges in California around animal poaching should have legal help working side-by-side to devoid evidence and witnesses from the prosecution and present facts that yield a favorable outcome to the case.

California wildlife is well protected, along with the protection of rare and exotic animals. Although it is difficult to charge people with these crimes, the state has many legal acts in place to protect animals. Depending on which act is violated also determines the severity of the charges and whether they will be counted as misdemeanors or felonies. Being arrested and facing charges for any crime can cause anxiety and fear. The best thing someone in this situation can do is find a defense attorney immediately. If you face charges associated with animals in the San Diego area, contact Joni Eisenstein for exceptional representation and a free one-hour consultation. Without the best legal representation, the risk is facing maximum time in jail

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