Making Sense of Bail and Bonds

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When an individual is arrested, and in custody for an alleged offense, the individual may be able to post bail or get a bond to avoid spending time in jail. The two words are often used interchangeably but are different. Understanding bail, bonds, and how they are offered and used by the court is helpful when facing charges. The best way to ensure the best chances at reduced or dismissed charges and a favorable outcome to an unfortunate situation that may have adverse long-term effects is by contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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Understanding the Difference Between Types of Probation Sentencing

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Probation is a commonly requested sentence alternative to spending time in jail for misdemeanors and felonies. Although most people know what probation is, it is unusual for someone to understand each type’s nuances and how it is applied to each unique case. Excellent criminal defense attorneys have incredible knowledge and understanding of summary and formal probations.

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AB 1310: A Ray of Hope for California Attorneys and Their Clients

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In the realm of criminal justice reform, California has long been at the forefront of change. Assembly Bill 1310 (AB 1310), introduced by Assembly Member McKinnor on February 16, 2023, represents a significant step towards addressing issues related to firearm enhancements in the state’s criminal justice system.

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A Comprehensive Breakdown of the True Cost of a DUI in California

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When considering the severity of a DUI conviction in California, it is imperative to act responsibly and never drink and drive. If you do find yourself facing DUI charges, seeking the assistance of an experienced DUI defense attorney. Working with an experienced DUI attorney, like Joni Eisenstein, is an investment that helps mitigate the financial and legal consequences.

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Navigating Drug Charges in San Diego County

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Getting through the contemporary landscape of the “war on drugs” can prove perilous for even the most judicious people. The severity and repercussions of drug crime convictions in San Diego exhibit significant variability. A skilled defense attorney can initiate negotiations with the prosecution promptly, thereby minimizing or potentially nullifying the repercussions associated with drug-related criminal charges in the San Diego region.

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Criminal Defense – A Catalyst for Change

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In a world that often rushes to judgment, Joni Eisenstein stands out as a beacon of hope, advocating for the rights and futures of those who have made mistakes. Her dedication to seeking justice through compassion, understanding, and strategic legal expertise reflects her belief that everyone deserves a chance at redemption.

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DUI’s Do NOT Qualify for Diversion

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In a ruling by the California Court of Appeals, it has been unequivocally established that DUI offenses are not eligible for diversion programs. Diversion programs typically provide an opportunity for individuals charged with certain offenses to complete specific requirements, such as educational classes or community service, in exchange for having their charges dismissed.

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