Criminal Defense Attorney

Fighting Gang-Related Crimes in California

man getting arrested

Whether you have been arrested related to a gang crime in California or have been added to the shared gang member database unjustly, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help fight the charges and request your name be removed from the database.

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California Busts Wildlife Poaching Ring

Recently, a suspected poaching ring found itself facing potential criminal charges in California. If facing animal poaching or trading charges in California, contact an excellent criminal defense attorney to represent the case.

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How Does Bail in California Work?

person behind bars

In California, trying to figure out bail after arrest and booking is an incredibly stressful time. It is strongly recommended in these circumstances to seek professional legal counsel.

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Oceanside’s #1 Criminal Defense Attorney

Oceanside’s diverse visitor and resident population create a unique excitement, especially in the summer months. The heightened energy and big crowds can increase crime rates. If you find yourself facing criminal charges in Oceanside, contact a local attorney.

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Solana Beach Criminal Defense Expert

It should not be assumed that crimes are considered any less severe because Solana Beach is not a major metropolitan city. Anyone facing criminal charges in Solana Beach should immediately seek the best legal representation available with local knowledge and experience.

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Carlsbad Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal cases in Carlsbad become complicated quickly due to varying factors and trying to represent oneself is not only challenging but unnecessary. Finding the best criminal defense attorney is critical to successfully fighting for your rights and against charges.

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent Until Proven Guilty The justice system in place in the United States is based on Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Even if a suspect is caught red-handed, a court and jury must determine beyond a reasonable doubt whether they have committed the crime or not and then face conviction. After conviction, fines and sentencing are…

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Using Your Fists Can Land You in Jail

Although most barfights are seen as harmless, they break several laws in California. As with Will Smith’s aggression towards Chris Rock this week at the Oscars, using your fists can have serious consequences.

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