Assault v Battery Charges in San Diego County

Man Holding Man Back from hitting woman assault and battery

In San Diego County, if you face charges for assault or battery, a conviction will have devastating consequences without the best legal representation available. When it comes to your life, freedom, and rights, it is worth fighting against assault and battery charges in all circumstances.

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Phone Recordings Changing Law Enforcement Activity and Criminal Case Outcomes

Many misconceptions exist about using cell phones to record other people’s activities, behaviors, and words. When a fight breaks out, an arrest is made, or angry slurs are shouted out for the world to hear, it has become natural for the public to grab their phones and record the activity. It might surprise people that many things can be recorded without breaking the law.

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Are False Imprisonment and Kidnapping the Same?

False Imprisonment Kidnapping Defense Attorney

The courts often see false imprisonment as kidnapping, which, if convicted, can have devastating results on the life of the one convicted as well as their family and others close to them. Criminal defense attorneys understand the depth of damage a conviction can mean for someone accused of false imprisonment or kidnapping and fight for those facing these charges.

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Can I Make a Citizen’s Arrest in San Diego?


Did you know that you may have the power to arrest another person if you observe them committing a crime? In the state of California, citizen’s arrests are legal under certain circumstances. A citizen’s arrest is when one person, who is not a police officer, arrests another person.  However, there are restrictions to this law…

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Do You Need a Lawyer For a Misdemeanor Arrest?

scales of justice

Misdemeanor offenses usually carry a lighter sentence and have fewer serious consequences than felony offenses do. Does that mean that it isn’t necessary to hire a San Diego criminal defense attorney? While it is true that felonies are more serious, misdemeanor offenses have consequences that you may not be aware of. In addition to fines,…

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What is Petty Theft?

petty theft

Contrary to what the name implies, the crime of petty theft is taken seriously under the California law. Even if you think the theft is minor or inconsequential, a conviction can have serious consequences. Depending on the value of the item or service stolen and the presence of any prior convictions, petty theft can be…

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Have You Been Arrested Over the Holidays?

holiday burglary

The holiday season is upon us. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the season can bring with it feelings of joy, hope and love. But, it can also be a time of stress, overindulgence and desperation. Across the country, we see a spike in certain crimes during the holiday season. Many people find themselves in…

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3 DUI Terms You Should Know

lady justice

When you are charged with driving under the influence in California, you will have a lot to learn. While DUI laws in California are fairly straightforward, the legal process around it can be filled with jargon that is unfamiliar to you. Your San Diego DUI attorney will walk with you through every step of the…

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Avoid These Red Flags When Hiring a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

law books

When you find yourself in a situation where you need a criminal defense attorney, you might be tempted to hire the first person you contact. After all, you know you need an attorney immediately to help you handle law enforcement and navigate through the complex legal system. There are thousands of lawyers in the San…

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What Makes Evidence Inadmissible in Court?


Not all evidence is good evidence. United States Federal Law stipulates what kind of evidence can be legally used in trial, and which evidence is considered inadmissible. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys are concerned with the admissibility of evidence, as the law applies to both sides of the table. Ultimately, the judge is the one…

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