Finding the Best Defense Strategy When Facing Criminal Charges

Legal professionals understand the wake of destruction a conviction leaves for people and their families, and they do whatever they can to help clients avoid jail, hefty fines, and criminal records. Please do not try to fight criminal charges alone and call a defense lawyer for a free consultation. It is impossible for someone facing a conviction for a crime to get the same results as they would with a private criminal attorney. Defending oneself in court is admirable, but when it counts, and your future is at stake, it is not worth the risk of missing something that may prove reasonable doubt.

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San Diegans Should Treat Probation Violations Seriously


Although being put on probation is a much-preferred option when facing the consequences of a crime, the terms and conditions present many challenges that can become increasingly difficult to adhere to as things in life come up. Sometimes, people violate probation without realizing they have done anything wrong or think it is not severe enough to worry about.

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Four Things to Build a Strong Defense

Getting a good criminal defense attorney is one of the most crucial things someone can do after an arrest. Experienced lawyers work with clients facing DUIs, assault and battery charges, theft, warrants, and other violations and crimes. An excellent defense lawyer is diligent in creating a strong defense for each client.

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San Diego Law Enforcement Resumes Warrant Activity

Warrant Defense Lawyer Vista

San Diego Resumes Warrant Enforcement Although the pandemic shifted priorities for local law enforcement, things are getting back to normal in San Diego County. Many people with warrants for their arrest experienced a slight reprieve as local police addressed more pressing concerns with many backlogged cases. However, as the nation recovers from pandemic lockdowns, the…

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Do You Have To Let the Cops Into Your Home?

police knocking on door

It’s 10:30 in the morning, and you hear an unexpected knock at your door. You peak through the window to see that it’s the San Diego police and they want to talk with you. Are you obligated by law to open the door to the police? Can you refuse to let them in? Will you…

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What Are the Different Types of Warrants?


What Are the Different Types of Warrants? The 4th Amendment protects citizens from unwarranted searches and seizures that violate your freedom. Read on to learn more about the different types of California warrants. Do you have a warrant out for your arrest? Learning that law enforcement is looking for you can be a frightening and…

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When Can Police Legally Search Your Vehicle?

scales of justice

When Can Police Legally Search Your Vehicle? Do the police have the right to search your vehicle at any time? Learn about your 4th Amendment rights and when it is legal for the police to search your vehicle. The Fourth Amendment stipulates “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,…

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What To Do If You Have a San Diego Arrest Warrant

arrest warrant

What To Do If You Have a San Diego Arrest Warrant Protect your freedom by securing a San Diego criminal defense attorney as soon as you know there is a warrant for your arrest. “We have a warrant for your arrest.”  These are words that no one wants to hear. Having an arrest warrant in…

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