Child Pornography Charges in California

Being unexpectedly arrested is one of the most traumatic moments in a person's life. Having police state the charges, read your rights, put you in handcuffs, and place you in a patrol car takes an emotional toll. Arrests made around child pornography are often unexpected, especially when the person being charged did not know the other party's age. If you are facing charges for child pornography in San Diego County, finding a qualified criminal defense attorney with experience helping clients fight child pornography or online sexual offense charges is vital.

The number of cases that a defense attorney has successfully won and the number of years in practice can make a difference in the potential for your case to have an ideal outcome. Working with an established and effective San Diego defense attorney is essential.

Do not settle for less than top-notch legal representation if you face child pornography charges. If you are deciding between fighting the charges yourself or working with a relentless defense attorney committed to helping you, there is no comparison. Reach out and call to speak with the best criminal defense attorney in San Diego with experience and knowledge of how to fight child pornography and sexual offense crimes.

California Penal Code 311

In California, when it comes to child pornography charges, there are internet sex offenses and in-person offenses. In-person offenses are charged as attempts to connect with a minor for sex or molestation. Also included is harassment by threatening or obscene emails, solicitation for prostitution, or attempts to seduce a minor. There will be consequences if arrested and charged with any of these crimes. The production, distribution, or possession of child pornography also falls under California Penal Code 311.

Penal Code 311 spells out the details of child pornography in California. The manner in which the statute is written lays out steps within the process. As each step is established and each piece of material is presented as evidence, the chargeable crimes build. If there are multiple images, it can start to add up to a hefty prison sentence. Only an exceptional defense attorney can break down the child pornography penal code and discover the best defense for your charges.

There are details in the code that require the prosecution to prove several items for it to be a punishable crime. For example, images or videos must have at least one child under 18 years of age for someone to be found guilty of producing, possessing, or distributing child pornography.

Sexting with Minors is a Criminal Offense

Social media has become a new platform, and teens share sexual pictures. Sexting violations, designed to protect minors, now land teens in court. Teenagers should be advised against posting and sending explicit images or videos because they themselves can face charges. If the photos get to adults, they may face child pornography charges.

Sending or receiving images that are sexually explicit from a minor will be tried as a wobbler case in San Diego. A wobbler case depends on the circumstances and may result in misdemeanor or felony charges. Neither result is ideal and fighting for reduced and dismissed charges should be the first thought when being charged with child pornography and other sexual offenses. Child pornography crimes are not taken lightly in California, and the defendant should not dismiss the severity. Seeking professional representation from a highly qualified criminal defense attorney is wise and can save time and money and offer peace of mind.

Although sharing sexually explicit images is on the rise, many being charged do not know the person they are sending the image to is underage. Only an experienced attorney working with the San Diego courts in child pornography cases can ensure the best possible outcome when arguing on your behalf. An adult receiving images from a minor of a sexual nature may be charged with child pornography possession. Sending a sexually explicit picture to a minor can be charged with the intent of seducing a minor and distributing child pornography.

As one can imagine, the courts do not take these charges lightly, and penalties can be harsh. The consequences can be devastating if convicted, and the charges count as a strike on your criminal record. Please do not leave it to chance. Contact the best criminal defense attorney for a free consultation. Once the defense attorney hears the details of the charges, she can guide on the next steps and begin work immediately to fight the charges.

Joni Eisenstein is the best criminal defense attorney in San Diego. She deeply understands the sensitivity of child pornography cases and is dedicated to protecting you. The charges alone can destroy a family and community, so an experienced defense attorney takes every measure to ensure you and your family are protected from the beginning until the end. Helping clients win cases since 2003, Attorney Eisenstein works relentlessly for every client, understanding the severity of child pornography charges and how critical it is to present evidence on your behalf to get reduced and dismissed charges.

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