Criminal Defense Attorneys Help Californians Fight Protesting Charges

As political tensions rise and our nation approaches the upcoming midterm election on November 8, 2022, Americans are reminded of the increasing number of protest arrests in California since 2020. As arrests for protesting have increased even more since the recent Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision, criminal defense attorneys are busy helping clients arrested for demonstrating and facing charges related to protesting. Demonstrators are typically arrested when crowding or obstructing an area that impedes traffic or forces some other interruption to the natural flow. Whether charges include disturbing the peace or unlawful assembly, experienced criminal defense attorneys know exactly how to handle these charges and get the most favorable results for each client.

The growing trend of displaying political views publicly and organized protests are a dime a dozen. You do not have to look far to find a justifiable cause to make a statement. However, in some cases, people across California are facing arrests for the first time in their lives for protesting. No matter the cause or the message of the protest, when the law is broken, those events may lead to an arrest, and the results can be devastating. Fighting charges relating to protesting with an excellent criminal defense attorney is critical.

What to Do Immediately Following Arrest

Although people facing arrest rarely think to exercise their Fifth Amendment Right to not self-incriminate, some things can significantly help your case that should be done directly following the arrest. It will likely be required to provide a name and address to the police or arresting officer, but beyond that, never give more details if possible. Instead, contact a professional and reputable criminal defense attorney to guide your next steps, and do not leave your future to chance.

When someone gets arrested for the first time during a protest, it is crucial that they recognize the seriousness of a conviction. Most new protestors are not expecting to be arrested and frequently are caught in the crossfire, ending up in the back of a squad car. What is essential to a strong defense against an arrest for protesting is in the details. Think about documenting information about your arrest, including law enforcement information such as names and badge numbers. All this information will help an excellent defense lawyer present a stronger case.

Possible Arrest Charges for Protesting

As with any arrest and charge, the severity and details are unique to each person and situation. A first-time offender may face lesser penalties and even be able to have an excellent criminal defense attorney get the charges dismissed. On the other hand, someone with a criminal history or multiple arrests will have a more complex case requiring a consummate professional to help them reduce the charges, negotiate bail if necessary, and handle other specifics.

Charges for protesting may be filed as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances. Protestors may face charges of failure to disperse, disturbing the peace, and unlawful assembly. There are many powerful arguments against these charges, and someone with experience will get the best outcome.

Convictions of these charges may result in up to 6 months in jail and fines of up to $1,000. If someone arrested for protesting faces additional and more serious felony charges, such as assault or arson, the penalties could be substantially more significant. The penalties grow exponentially if any of these charges are against a law officer. For these reasons, anyone facing charges related to protesting should seek professional legal counsel immediately. It is not worth having your life turned upside down and wishing later you had called for help. Only a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney knows the charges and viable defenses against them. Consultations are free and speaking with someone who does not judge and understands the trauma that comes from arrest provides peace of mind.

How An Exceptional Criminal Defense Attorney Helps

Whether a misdemeanor or felony, being arrested and facing charges related to protesting can have terrible consequences in the future. If convicted, a criminal record impacts every area of life, including employment, housing, relationships, and even the possible loss of some civil rights. In situations where jail time and hefty penalties are a threat, having a relentless defense attorney fighting by your side means you will walk away with the lowest possible charges. In some cases, charges may be dismissed entirely, but your criminal defense attorney always tries to get the best for each client. Finding a professional who truly cares about the outcome and will do whatever it takes to help is what everyone facing arrest for protesting deserves. Do not settle, and work with the best criminal defense attorney available. Everyone deserves a trustworthy and experienced professional to guide them on their rights and diligently look for strong defenses to fight the charges successfully.

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