Criminal Justice Reform
25 Recent Laws Enacted in California

Forces continue to increase momentum throughout the USA concerning Criminal justice reform. Legislators see advantages in forming an equitable justice policy that enables those previously convicted to push forward with their lives more quickly.

California initiated a massive jump toward that eventuality, while Governor Gavin Newsom signed a combination of twenty-five criminal law reform bills into law in October 2019. Many of these regulations remove the "tough on crime" program that remained prevalent throughout the United States in the 1990s.

Senator Scott Wiener said that California has led the way in creating new prisons and expanding prison populations, with California taxpayers taking on the financial burden and neighborhoods being torn apart.

Redesigned Ordinances

These reformed laws cover sectors such as release and re-entry into society, protecting victims, safeguard convicted juveniles, and overcoming sentencing incongruities.

Featured Changes in the Law:

  • Eliminating the automatic one-year sentencing increase for each prior felony jail term on one's record
  • Eliminating compulsory minimum sentences for particular low-level illicit drug crimes
  • Automated court records removal for specific lower-level crimes, that will make it irrelevant to spend time and money appealing to the courts
  • Enabling those with specific felony sentences on their record to attend jury duty
  • Producing a pretrial diversion program for those who are facing charges that are the primary caregiver to children under the age of 18
  • Enabling juvenile offenders to return their cases to juvenile courtroom
  • Banning the system of charging inmates co-pays for medical visits
  • Preventing law enforcements' use of facial recognition software with the use of a body camera
  • Require police to present rape kits for examination within 20 days of the alleged offense

So What Does This Mean?

Newsom announced that the new legislation will provide hope for people who've earned another chance in our society.

The reforms to sentencing law are going to reduce reoffending and enable the previously convicted to rejoin communities after completing their sentencing. Automated record clearing will help people to find employment and a residence.

Executing these steps will require time with many reforms taking awhile to enact. And it's still questionable if any of these changes to sentencing are going to be available to those currently in prison.

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