Don’t Let One Bad Decision Caused by Summertime Boredom Last a Lifetime

There is nothing like a bit of summer boredom, with a little too much spare time and not much parental supervision to provide just enough temptation to get into some trouble. It is no surprise that children are crafty when finding things they should not have, and maybe even do things they wouldn't usually be tempted to do when busy with school and sports. It is undeniable that making mistakes is part of growing up, but California law takes minor in possession charges seriously, and hiring an expert criminal defense attorney can significantly affect the case's outcome.

Whether adults are willing to admit it or not, everyone has made at least one wrong decision as a minor. Many forget this fact when figuring out how to navigate their child being arrested and charged with possession. Start by contacting a reputable and local defense attorney and find out what immediate steps can be taken to protect the minor.

Minors in Possession Charges Increase Over Summer Months

Minors in possession is a recurring issue in San Diego County. Proximity to the California/Mexico border and the legalization of medicinal marijuana in the state make getting drugs almost too easy. If your minor was arrested and is facing possession charges, there are many possible defenses that only the most experienced criminal defense attorney will know. Experience equals the best possible representation leading up to and throughout the case hearings. Attorneys like Joni Eisenstein bring extensive experience working with families and minors in the San Diego area, fighting for reduced charges and, in some cases, dismissal entirely.

The negative implications of minor in possession convictions are life-altering, leaving your minor at a disadvantage as they work to recover from wrong decisions and bad judgment. Only the best criminal lawyer knows how to relentlessly fight on your minor’s behalf and minimize the adverse effects of these charges.

Minor Charges Are Misdemeanors in California

If someone under 21 is arrested for possession of alcohol in public, it will be considered a misdemeanor. Although misdemeanor charges are better than felony charges, they can still carry fines and loss of driving privileges. Minors facing criminal charges should do everything possible to keep them off their record.

Burden of Proof on Prosecution in Minor in Possession Charges

Minor in Possession charges must show multiple circumstances existed at the time of arrest, and those are: the individual was under the age of 21, the individual was in possession of alcohol or marijuana, and the individual was in public. Any of these three that cannot be proven result in dropped charges because the individual can’t be charged legally. Still, preparing a solid defense and fighting against evidence before the case gets to the courtroom can be done by someone with experience handling minor in possession cases. Since the defense attorney and the prosecuting attorney will meet before the hearing to present any evidence, an excellent criminal defense attorney will work to question and discredit evidence against the minor.

Penalties for Alcohol or Marijuana Possession in a Vehicle

Suppose a minor is charged with an open container of marijuana or alcohol in a vehicle. In that case, they will face penalties, fines, community service, and loss of driving privileges for at least one year. If the minor does not have their license yet, there will be a one-year delay to obtaining it if convicted. Although this may not seem terrible, this limits the ability to drive to work and school, so the burden falls on the parents and caretakers. Many underestimate the inconveniences this can cause to everyone’s life. All this added to difficulty finding employment and applying for colleges if they ask about convictions on the applications. With online application processes, a simple ticking of the conviction box eliminates someone from even being considered for employment.

Whether or not the minor is driving may determine the severity of the consequences, but any consequence has long-term negative effects for minors charged with possession. Please do not leave this to chance.

Fines start at $250 and at least 24 hours of community service. Multiple offenses can result in higher penalties and lengthier community service requirements. If your minor is facing criminal possession charges, do not waste time and call a local criminal defense attorney who offers a free thorough consultation. There are likely multiple ways to fight the charges, and only the best attorneys have insight and knowledge into San Diego courts, offering exceptional service and the likelihood of reduced charges and possible dismissal entirely.

Young people have so many challenges as it is, so helping them work through a wrong decision can have a considerable impact on their lives moving forward. Attorneys like Joni Eisenstein have tried thousands of cases, successfully assisting clients with her unmatched knowledge of California laws. Professional and reputable attorneys understand the emotional rollercoaster associated with minor in possession charges and how broad the group of people impacted if convicted. In these situations, an expert will help clients by walking them through the entire process. An exemplary professional by your side ensures no filings or paperwork are missed, and every opportunity is taken to help the minor successfully fight possession charges.

If you are on the fence about hiring a defense attorney, stop thinking about it, and do it now

Hiring a criminal defense attorney like Joni Eisenstein can help you go from a place of uncertainty to freedom.