Expungements in San Diego Best Handled By A Criminal Defense Attorney

In three short months, the new Clean Slate law will change the lives of thousands of Californians with existing criminal records. The new law, SB731, will take effect on July 1st. A clean slate will mean freedom from criminal records and the regaining of rights for many people who have been paying consequences for crimes from long ago. In San Diego, criminal convictions stay part of your record without expungement. The Clean Slate law will provide automatic expungement for many, but the backlog is expected to be immense. Hiring a private defense lawyer to handle your case under the new law ensures minimal delay in getting ideal results.

Understanding the Ins-and-Outs of Expungements in San Diego

Professional lawyer, Attorney Joni Eisenstein, has been helping clients successfully expunge their records since 2003. Offering more than 30 years of expungement experience in San Diego County, she knows how to get clients’ records clean and freedoms back. Attorney Eisenstein understands the devastation a conviction causes and is eager to help her clients overcome their past mistakes and move forward with their lives.

Once an expungement is granted, those who have had to answer "yes" on employment, housing, and volunteer applications since their conviction can finally answer honestly with a "no." This is no small thing and a significant step in rehabilitation after a past mistake. Those convicted of a felony get this opportunity for the first time in San Diego. Do not pass up the chance to clear your record and get back your life!

The Clean Slate Law Is Not Cut-And-Dry

Although the Clean Slate law is being presented as cut and dry, the San Diego legal system is anything but, and navigating the changes will be challenging for someone without experience. The new law opens up expungements to those with felony convictions and those who have spent time in prison. Previously, these cases were not eligible for expungement. A skilled and knowledgeable defense attorney can tell you if you qualify for automatic expungement or must petition for one in court. In either case, someone who knows the San Diego legal system is more likely to get a favorable outcome. Please do not leave it to chance, and call the Law Office of Joni K. Eisenstein for a free consultation call.

What Expungements Do and Don’t Do

Expungements are a significant event for those with criminal records. While it does help put crimes in the past, it does not erase the record. Those seeking state licenses or public positions will still need to disclose the information, but controlled substance convictions may no longer be used against those seeking teaching credentials in California.

In some cases, when a citizen has lost their right to bear arms if that right was revoked due to a conviction, expungement is the first step someone can take to get this right back. An experienced and reputable criminal defense lawyer can help make this happen. When someone has a dedicated, committed, and relentless lawyer on their side, they have the best chance of getting all their rights back.

If someone is granted an expungement and ends up in legal trouble in the future, their criminal record is not off-limits. Previous criminal records are still available to law enforcement and the courts and will count for prior crimes.

DUI Expungements

One of the most common expungement requests is for a DUI. A DUI stays on your record unless it is expunged, and this is why it is critical to have someone with experience in expungements petitioning the court. Since a DUI conviction must be disclosed on applications for jobs and housing, the longer this stays on your record, the longer you have to suffer from your past mistake. Speaking with an experienced expungement defense lawyer can answer your questions about eligibility and how to move forward in the process.

Automatic and Petitioned Expungement

As with any law, SB731 has criteria that must be met by those seeking expungement. The law is complicated; only an experienced criminal defense attorney can help sort through the details. Those with felony convictions must have served their sentence entirely and have stayed out of trouble for four years. Additionally, fines and probation periods must also be fulfilled. If someone is on probation but has enough reason to ask for a shortened period, an experienced expungement attorney will know the right angle to make this request to the court.

The new Clean Slate law, to take effect on July 1st, is an incredible opportunity for those with criminal records. Many have lived with the consequences of their crimes well after learning the lesson. Expungement means getting work easier, being involved in the community, and finding housing. Be sure to call today for a free consultation.

If you are on the fence about hiring a defense attorney, stop thinking about it, and do it now

Hiring a criminal defense attorney like Joni Eisenstein can help you go from a place of uncertainty to freedom.