Vehicular Homicide or Manslaughter Charges San Diego

Vehicular homicide and manslaughter top the list as one of the most serious driving offenses. Anyone facing vehicular homicide charges should contact a reputable criminal defense attorney who has successfully helped clients fight vehicle-related charges that ended in injury or death. In California, it does not matter whether drugs and alcohol were involved; if someone is injured or killed by a vehicle, the driver will face charges with life-altering consequences. It is critical to have expert legal representation if you are involved in an auto accident involving injury or death. A defense attorney knows every possible defense to avoid jail and get charges reduced.

Whether the charges are defined as a misdemeanor or felony, dramatically depends on various factors. Some of these elements include the criminal history of the defendant and the details of the incident. The prosecution will use any previous convictions, especially DUIs, to elevate the charge to a felony in San Diego. It is not commonly known that someone speeding causing a fatal accident, may only face misdemeanor charges. However, those accidents that fall under gross negligence will face felony charges even without an impaired driver. A professional criminal attorney knows what defenses work to get that charge reduced or dismissed if the charges include a DUI.

Possible Defenses in Vehicular Homicide Cases

An exceptional criminal defense attorney will use their experience and skills to fight these complex charges and work relentlessly to get them reduced to misdemeanors whenever possible. Misdemeanors generally carry lower penalties, including significantly less jail time and fines. The details of every case are so unique that only a talented defense attorney's office is essential to sift through all the evidence the prosecution plans to present. In some situations, it may be possible to resolve the case before it goes to court.

If someone was killed in an accident, it is not automatically the driver’s responsibility. For example, if someone walks in front of you while driving, a defense attorney will argue it was that person's negligence that was the cause of the accident. Many deaths involving pedestrians are not the driver's fault, even though the guilt can cause great distress. Suppose a driver is arrested at the scene of a pedestrian death. A reputable criminal attorney must defend any admittance of responsibility made in shock. It will take a top-notch lawyer to prove the accident was the pedestrian's fault even though responsibility was verbally taken on the scene.

Three Strikes Law

Manslaughter and homicide are violent crimes in California and will result in a strike under the law. Avoiding strikes is essential in California and hiring a qualified manslaughter and homicide defense lawyer to stand by your side will make a difference. Only the best legal representation knows the courts' inner workings and what arguments will likely be accepted. Instead of spinning out of control and trying to find the best defenses, hiring a professional with years of experience is the only way to ensure the best possible outcome. It is worth it to take the time to call for a free consultation.

Gross Crimes Face Heftier Charges

In San Diego, if driving while under the influence and someone dies in an accident because of that intoxication, the prosecution will file felony charges. Felony charges in these cases can result in up to ten years in jail. Ten years is missing out on your child’s growing up, losing your job and possibly your home, and other terrible consequences. It is no joke when facing felony charges in California. It is in your best interest to find someone immediately who can help you navigate these difficult times and work relentlessly on your behalf.

Any charges involving an accident where someone was injured or killed is a serious situation and need to be handled by an expert criminal defense attorney. The cases can be very complex, facing multiple charges, and are often compacted by the details of the case. If a private investigation helps the defendant, an experienced criminal defense lawyer will get it done. If a case goes to court, only someone knowledgeable about choosing jurors will ensure the panel is unbiased and favorable to the defendant. Juror selection can be the difference between being found guilty or being acquitted.

If you were in an accident where someone was killed or injured, please do not wait to contact a San Diego attorney. Attorney Joni Eisenstein has decades of experience in San Diego County, has exceptional knowledge of the courts and judges' decisions, and offers clients her professional and impeccable work. Joni never stops fighting for her clients.

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