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Like any criminal charge, a DUI arrest can have serious implications for your future. A DUI charge is not just based upon driving under the influence of alcohol, a DUI can be charged if you are under the influence of ANY drug, including marijuana and prescription drugs. The immediate consequences are the loss of driving privileges and freedom, jeopardizing your employment and your family's security.  The impact can be even greater for those with prior convictions. That is why you need the experience and skill of Oceanside DUI Attorney Joni Eisenstein on your team.

Oceanside DUI Attorney Joni Eisenstein has over 25 years of experience working in the San Diego Court system and has handled hundreds of DUI cases during that time. Ms. Eisenstein has a reputation within the courts for fighting tenaciously on behalf of her clients and is considered one of the most well-respected criminal defense attorneys in San Diego County. Her comprehensive understanding of the DUI and DMW laws in the state of California means that she can competently identify the best options for your case and effectively represent your interests in court.

Your Best Defense for Oceanside, Vista and San Diego County DUI Charges

Joni Eisenstein knows how stressful a DUI charge is for her clients. She also understands that each case is unique and so she gives each of her clients the personalized attention that they deserve. Ms. Eisenstein will work tirelessly to examine your charges and investigate the details of your case to find improper actions or handling of evidence to get you the best outcome possible. You can rest assured that DUI attorney Joni Eisenstein will give you the information you need to make the best decisions for your case.

A DUI charge is not a conviction and does not mean the end of your future. If you have been charged with a DUI in San Diego County, it is vital that you contact Oceanside DUI Attorney Joni Eisenstein within 10 days of your charge to avoid possible suspension of your driving privileges. The quicker you secure the services of Defense Attorney Joni Eisenstein, the quicker you can begin building your defense and protecting your future and freedom.

Dedicated to Your DUI Defense in Oceanside, California

Just because you’ve been charged with a DUI, does not mean you will be convicted. Even if you have failed a chemical test like a breath or blood test, there are a number of possible legal defenses that Joni Eisenstein may be able to use in your case. Some of the defenses that may be explored can include:

  • Lack of probable cause for the initial traffic stop
  • Evidence of improper administration of breath or blood test procedures
  • Illegal arrest or detention
  • Satisfactory performance on a field sobriety test
  • Evidence of a violation of Miranda Rights

The laws related to DUIs are complex and can be complicated even further by factors such as the number of prior offenses and the occurrence of any injuries or property damage. Some cases result in misdemeanors and others result in felonies. DUI Attorney Joni Eisenstein will assist you in understanding the details of your case and work aggressively to develop the best defense possible.

DMV Consequences in a California DUI Case

The courts are not the only ones you have to fight when you are charged with a DUI in California. You will also have to fight the DMV to avoid a suspension of your driver’s license. It is vital that you request a DMV hearing within 10 days of your arrest so you have the opportunity to dispute the suspension. Joni Eisenstein has walked beside hundreds of clients facing DUI charges, helping them through the highly technical and confusing process with the DMV.

A suspended driver’s license can greatly impact your work and family life. Suspensions vary in length, and can be anywhere from 30 days to one year or more depending on factors such as refusal of the breath or blood test or prior DUI convictions. DUI Attorney Joni Eisenstein has the skill and experience you need to get the best possible outcome for your case.

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When you are charged with a DUI in Oceanside, Vista or anywhere in San Diego County, there is only one defense attorney to call. Joni Eisenstein will give you the information you need to make the best decision for your unique case and tenaciously fight by your side from start to finish.

Contact her Oceanside office online or by calling 760-721-3161 for your free 1-hour consultation.

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