New 2023 Expungement Law Will Help Over a Million Californians

A new law takes effect in 2023, making it a year of celebration for many who have been convicted of crimes previously ineligible for expungement in California. Governor Newsom signed SB731 into law, and this "clean slate" law opens doors for those who have served their sentence for previous crimes and stayed out of trouble with the law for four years. Often, the long-lasting effects of a criminal record linger and make it nearly impossible for good people to move forward with their lives after one mistake. The new expungement law will help over a million Californians get a fresh start.

California recognizes the necessity of offering second chances to hundreds of thousands who will automatically be eligible for expungement in July. As Governor Newsom continues to focus on a better California in his general public support campaign, SB731 is designed to help families reconnect by removing hurdles for employment, housing, and educational opportunities. Excellent expungement defense lawyers understand the adverse effects of a conviction and are committed to helping those eligible to take full advantage of SB731 as soon as possible.

Preparing for SB731 Ahead of the Masses

As July 2023 approaches, the buzz around SB731 will undoubtedly grow as more people retain a professional defense attorney to begin preparing the necessary paperwork. Starting July 1st, the courts will handle hundreds of thousands of expungements. It is best to plan to ensure you have the best criminal defense attorney working to have everything for a successful submission on July 1st. Instead of waiting until July 1st to begin, start now and be one of the first to submit an expungement request under SB731.

An experienced defense lawyer knows that information will need to be gathered to show four years of good behavior and fulfillment of sentencing for clients. Time is of the essence, so allowing enough time to get everything together ahead of July 1st increases the likelihood of a quick and favorable decision.

Automatic Expungement Could Take Months or Years

The Department of Justice will continue to review records for those eligible for expungement, but it is impossible to know where one falls on the list of which cases are looked at and when. Instead of waiting until the records are approved for sealing, having an experienced attorney submit the request on July 1st is the only way to ensure the fastest turnaround on a decision. A favorable decision means ex-offenders can get their lives back sooner rather than later.

Professional criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations and can get working immediately on an expungement request under SB731. Even if you are eligible automatically, it does not make sense to wait if you have experienced the hardships that come after being convicted of a crime in California. Loss of employment, difficulty finding housing, and inability to participate in many activities are only a few of the lingering consequences after serving a complete sentence.

Taking Control of One’s Future Under SB731

When someone encounters California's criminal justice system, it can ruin their life and the lives of their loved ones. Only those convicted of a crime and sentenced and defense lawyers understand a conviction's devastating and long-term effects. If someone makes a mistake and commits a crime, serves their sentence, and wants to move on from their mistake, shouldn’t they be able to? California supports strengthening the state at the core, and SB731 is designed to give those eligible a second chance at their future.

Additionally, arrest records had to wait to be sealed after a specific time, so housing and employment inquiries could have been biased against those, even if they were not convicted. A professional attorney can ensure arrest records are sealed to prevent future bias from landlords and employers.

Who Is Not Eligible Under SB731

In California, SB731 will undeniably allow people to move on with their lives after making a mistake they regret and want to put behind them.

Although SB731 will help over a million Californians, some serious and violent crimes will not be eligible under this new law, including those required to register as convicted sex offenders. Others who are ineligible are those still under legal authorities' supervision or with additional pending criminal charges. However, excellent defense attorneys can still file expungement requests regardless of the circumstances.

If you think you are eligible for expungement under the new SB731 law in California, do not wait and leave your fate to chance. Take back your life and hire an excellent criminal defense attorney to work by your side, and be ready to file on July 1st. SB731 offers people in California and their families a fresh start, so do not delay and reach out today for a free consultation with a local defense attorney.

If you are on the fence about hiring a defense attorney, stop thinking about it, and do it now

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