New California “Clean Slate” Law (SB731) Takes Effect July 2023

One of the most talked about new laws in California for 2023 is Senate Bill 731, which goes into effect on July 1. Governor Newsom signed the proposed bill into law in September 2021, and the quickly approaching effective date will undeniably affect millions of Californians. It is essential for those eligible to find an excellent defense attorney to prepare their petition so appeals can be filed immediately on July 1.

The “Clean Slate” bill offers relief to those who have suffered tirelessly from a wrong decision made years ago and provides an opportunity to build a better life. Those with criminal records who have stayed out of jail and been law-abiding citizens for four years following the completion of their sentences will be eligible to appeal for an expungement. SB731 is a significant opportunity for people who have served time in prison and were previously required to ask to be pardoned by Governor Newsom.

SB731 Helps Californians Build a Better Life

Those eligible can now appeal to have their record sealed, allowing access to better jobs and housing and fostering a healthier family life. Because of SB731, millions of Californians will be able to work in jobs previously unavailable to them, live in homes where they would not have access to otherwise, and allow continuing education for many who want to improve their lives and move on from the past.

Californians convicted of crimes are working with their lawyers to finally get a “fresh start” beginning July 1, 2023. Working with an experienced expungement attorney means the petition is ready to be filed on July 1 and can be submitted without delay. This is exciting and hopeful news for many with old arrests and convictions who now have a chance for a fresh start when meeting specific criteria. Defense attorneys see increased requests as 2022 comes to an end. Finding the best legal representation now is best, so your attorney can file under the new legislation as soon as possible.

Bill SB 731 Opening Doors for Millions

After facing a conviction in California, life can become increasingly more challenging. Finding employment, school, and housing can all become more complex. Obstacles and financial hardship are typical reasons many families break up. The new law allows people staying clean and serving their sentences an opportunity to have their criminal record sealed, opening doors to previously limited options for housing and employment. The new law includes the immediate sealing of more than 200,000 Californian's records, and an additional million will be able to appeal to the judge under SB731.

The new law is an incredible opportunity for Californians to get their lives back on track. There will be an influx of people wanting to appeal once July 2023 comes around, so it is best to start immediately. The best criminal defense attorney will begin preparation well ahead of time to ensure no delay in your appeal. Please do not wait to find someone exceptional to represent you or a loved one and contact a professional defense attorney immediately. If you are in San Diego or surrounding areas, the Law Office of Joni K. Eisenstein is already helping clients prepare and have all the resources to ensure a successful appeal to the judge on your behalf. Offering clients more than 30 years of experience, Attorney Eisenstein will get all the details that will strengthen your request.

California Joins the Movement of Record Sealing in the Nation

Millions will benefit from SB 731, and California is one of the eight states to thank for making headway. Previously restricted citizens will now be able to contribute to society, improve the economy and lower unemployment rates. Governor Newsom and many Californians believe previous restrictions were too harsh and counterproductive to society. What is being called the “Clean Slate” law has been adopted by seven other states who have seen dramatic improvements in the family and societal benefits this new legislation offers to those with previous convictions. This new law is a tool to build a better life.

Opposition to the Clean Slate Law

Some oppose the “Clean Slate” law and believe SB731 will put citizens at risk. However, since the records to be sealed are non-violent crimes, the law instead is expected to boost the economy and make California a stronger state overall. Some crimes are exempt from this new law, including sex offenses and serious felonies. The law is designed to help people rehabilitate and eliminate hurdles that made opportunities impossible previously. SB731 can help Californians reach their full potential after facing criminal charges in California.

The counter opinion to those who oppose the new law believe everyone deserves a second chance and that one mistake should not have to define one’s entire future. California is committed to improving family life and breaking generational cycles. Newsom and SB731 supporters strongly support this law and believe it will create healthier communities in California.

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