San Diegans Should Treat Probation Violations Seriously

Although being put on probation is a much-preferred option when facing the consequences of a crime, the terms and conditions present many challenges that can become increasingly difficult to adhere to as things in life come up. Sometimes, people violate probation without realizing they have done anything wrong or think it is not severe enough to worry about. However, any probation violation in California will ultimately result in a warrant if it is not addressed immediately by a professional attorney in court. So, if you are unsure if you violated probation or know you have, please hire a criminal defense lawyer sooner rather than later to ensure the best possible outcome and avoid dire consequences.

Probation Terms Can Be Challenging to Adhere to Perfectly

People on probation are trying to juggle the conditions of probation and the demands of daily life. Integrating the demanding terms into family life and work can sometimes feel impossible. Employment is critical to keep in many cases, and missing time to go to jail, even for a few days, can have devastating effects. Often, when someone is serving their probation, something prevents them from fulfilling one or more of their probation obligations. Unfortunately, many do not think much about it and do not realize it violates the law and may land them in jail. If you believe you may have violated your probation terms, a warrant for your arrest is coming, and it is best to get ahead of it and have your lawyer go to the court to represent you as soon as possible.

Defense Lawyers Can Help Mitigate Probation Violations

Criminal defense attorneys have experience helping clients who may be in violation of their probation terms and will be able to communicate their eligibility. A free consultation call can help determine the best ways a professional attorney can help. One of the worst things is waiting for a warrant to be issued and facing arrest and time behind bars. Once a warrant is issued, the challenges grow exponentially. It is much more favorable to be proactive by having representation appear in court on your behalf (formal probation violations will require personal attendance at a hearing). The sooner you can address violations of informal or formal probations may prevent stricter conditions and jail time.

Waiting to Address Probation Violations is a Mistake

Depending on the nature of the crime associated with your probation, whether you had private counsel, misdemeanor and felony probation violations should not be avoided. If you are trying to meet probation terms and fail to do so at any point, avoiding them can result in jail time and have devastating results.

Violations require a probation hearing, and you will have a much better result with a professional lawyer by your side. Someone well-regarded in the courts should represent you. If you are in San Diego County and think you have violated your probation terms, please do not hesitate and call Attorney Joni Eisenstein. She has extensive experience since 2003, helping clients navigate probation violations. The legal system is complex, and Attorney Eisenstein has relationships with the court staff, judges, and other attorneys. She also has expert knowledge in negotiating and will present the strongest argument on your behalf. Take advantage of an opportunity to have someone favorably represent you in the San Diego court system.

Misdemeanor and Felony Probation Violations

Misdemeanor Probation

You are serving informal probation if you are on probation because of a misdemeanor. The judge likely determined that the nature of the crime you committed and the chances of you repeating the crime qualified you for probation. You probably paid, or are paying fines, are enrolled in a program, serving in the community, honoring drug testing and retraining orders, and may be legally required to refrain from drugs and alcohol. The key to probation is staying off law enforcement’s radar. As you can see, this list of requirements for informal probation is expansive, and even the best-intended person may find themselves in violation.

Felony Probation

Formal probation is when the original crime was a felony and is used as a prison alternative. Often, those under formal probation have an officer assigned to them, and although the conditions are similar in nature, they are often harsher with submission to random police searches and travel restrictions.

Violating Probation in San Diego

Due to the severity of possible outcomes of probation violations, acquiring a probation violation attorney who can help you stay out of jail is highly recommended. Your attorney will work to show minimal evidence of a violation to maintain existing probation terms. A professional criminal defense attorney will fight for the best outcome for you, and it is impossible to know all the nuances of probation violation cases without experience. California passed new laws in 2021 that may work favorably for those on probation. Contacting an attorney can help determine your eligibility for reduced or modified terms and a quicker return to everyday life.

If you are on the fence about hiring a defense attorney, stop thinking about it, and do it now

Hiring a criminal defense attorney like Joni Eisenstein can help you go from a place of uncertainty to freedom.