San Diego Resumes Warrant Enforcement

Although the pandemic shifted priorities for local law enforcement, things are getting back to normal in San Diego County.

Many people with warrants for their arrest experienced a slight reprieve as local police addressed more pressing concerns with many backlogged cases. However, as the nation recovers from pandemic lockdowns, the backlogs are less of a burden. Local police are now able to concentrate on warrant enforcement, increasing warrant arrests. If you have an active warrant out for your arrest you will need an excellent criminal defense attorney who can offer a better outcome than trying to fight the charges alone.

Warrant Arrests Surge in San Diego County

Enough time has passed since warrants were issued that many who did get a break are experiencing the reality of being detained by police, as arrest after arrest happens. Knowing the backlog situation in San Diego, many with warrants did not find it necessary to seek legal counsel. Now that warrants are again being enforced, it is best to find an exceptional criminal lawyer who can fight for you to get charges reduced and dismissed.

Time Between Warrant Issue and Arrest May Be Beneficial

Because it falls on the prosecution to show proof, with substantial time passing, it may be advantageous for someone if their attorney has a solid background in helping people fight their warrants and arrests. The prosecution must present any evidence they plan to use to the defendant’s attorney. Having a private criminal defense attorney means the highest likelihood of countering evidence and getting local experts and witnesses to testify on your behalf.

The delay between issuing the warrant and the arrest makes law enforcement’s job more difficult since so much time has passed. Many changes have likely occurred, such as residence, employment, or the prevailing circumstances that led to the warrant in the first place have changed. Only someone experienced can give substantial insight into each specific and unique case, offering the most relevant defense possible.

What Warrants a Warrant?

There are two typical warrants in California: search warrants and arrest warrants. Warrants are issued by a judge, on the state’s behalf, authorizing the arrest or detaining of a person. A search and seizure may have also been issued for a person's property. Regardless of what type of warrant you have been given, law enforcement is on the move and making more arrests every day. It is wise not to leave your freedom to chance. Do not try to fight a warrant, arrest, or any other criminal charges without hiring the best criminal defense attorney available. Private attorneys are more affordable than most people realize. The most reputable attorneys will speak with you about the warrant and details surrounding any searches or arrests.

Warrant Protocol May Be a Viable Defense

The protocol for law enforcement when arresting based on a warrant is specific and must be followed precisely. When an arrest is made, the officer making the arrest must notify the accused of the existing warrant and what it is for and provide a copy if it is requested and feasible to provide one. If you are arrested for a warrant, request a copy of the warrant, practice your Fifth Amendment right under the US Constitution, and ask for an attorney. Contact a local, established, reputable and professional criminal defense attorney for a free consultation. There is no reason to skip reaching out to an excellent attorney because they have experience, do not judge your situation, and hear the facts that can help fight the charges against you.

Any false or inaccurate information provided to the court by law enforcement, or if there is false testimony that contributed to the warrant being issued in the first place, are all valid defenses an attorney may use to help the outcome of your case.

Bench Warrants

Although the name may be misleading, being arrested under a bench warrant can be incredibly damaging. Bench warrants are often issued when someone does not appear in court, skips out on jury duty, or has scheduled court appearances they missed. When bail is involved, not showing up gets exponentially more complicated. Again, an experienced criminal defense attorney knows the ins and outs of all warrant types and effective defenses against them with intimate knowledge of the San Diego courts. When you have an excellent warrant lawyer fighting for you, you will not miss a paper or filing deadline, and you will have someone to represent you in court. Depending on the crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney may represent you. You may not need to appear as they have been approved in your absence.

Although the court must appoint a defense attorney, having someone privately invested in the best outcome for your case can't be matched with state-appointed attorneys. Criminal defense lawyers, like the exceptional Joni Eisenstein, have helped clients fight warrants, successfully having them dismissed and thrown out altogether. Please do not risk a negative and devastating outcome to your case. As warrants increase throughout southern California, ensure you have the best warrant attorney relentlessly fighting on your behalf.

If you are on the fence about hiring a defense attorney, stop thinking about it, and do it now

Hiring a criminal defense attorney like Joni Eisenstein can help you go from a place of uncertainty to freedom.