The Top Three Criminal Charges a Defense Attorney Can Help Fight

Criminal defense attorneys have worked diligently to obtain the education, knowledge, and experience to help clients in the defendant’s seat, helping clients navigate criminal charges, whether misdemeanors or felonies. Due to the wide range of penalties associated with each, finding an excellent criminal defense attorney with years of experience helping other clients fight similar charges means the best possible outcome for every case. There is more risk in hiring someone without experience or being assigned a public defender because hiring your own criminal defense lawyer means they are focused entirely on the details of your case without being bogged down by a stack of other cases they are expected to handle. When it matters, hire a private attorney to help fight the charges against you and work to get charges reduced or dismissed.

Driving Under the Influence

When pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence, emotions run high. It is scary to be pulled over, handcuffed, and hauled off to the station. Immediately, anyone facing DUI charges should reach out to a reputable local criminal defense attorney and get a free consultation as soon as possible before speaking to the police about details regarding the details of what happened. Every person arrested should exercise their Fifth Amendment Right under the U.S. Constitution, so they do not say anything that law enforcement or the prosecution can use later in court that could hurt their defense. Police have a strict code to follow when arresting someone for driving under the influence, and there are many credible defenses against these charges. An experienced lawyer will ask questions to ensure law enforcement protocol was adhered to and that no missteps could lead to case dismissal. An experienced attorney will consider all aspects that could impact the case, take into account any prior convictions, and not miss any details that can help keep charges to a minimum and, in some cases, dismissed entirely.

Assault and Battery Charges

In San Diego, if convicted of assault and battery, jail time and hefty fines are certain if unable to prove details that show the events do not meet the state’s requirement for assault and battery cases. If a weapon is used, there are other details that your attorney must know to help mitigate the charges and evidence. There are always personal testimonies of the suspect and victim in these cases, and usually, witness accounts. Only a privately hired criminal defense attorney can ensure anything presented to the court is valid, delivering solid support for the defendant's side of the story. Most people facing assault and battery charges are trying to figure out how to keep going with the day-to-day post-arrest. They do not have time to find witnesses for themselves or identify inconsistencies that a professional attorney can easily see due to experience. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges for assault and battery, please find an attorney who can help.

Robbery and Theft, Including Grand Theft Auto

The laws around theft and robbery in California are complex. It is wise to seek professional legal advice and counsel if facing criminal charges involving robbery or theft. If convicted of these charges, the prosecution will ask for jail time, and the court will require payment of significant fines. These penalties are incredibly disruptive to anyone's life, impacting families, employment, and the community. Theft, including theft of an auto, can often be due to a misunderstanding. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney can help get the evidence and information necessary to present a powerful defense. Because the value and amount of theft vary, so do the consequences, which can be good if you have an attorney fighting to get them reduced. Knowing different angles to approach each unique case and local court decision-making history gives insight to an experienced attorney who can help.

It is wise to seek professional and private legal counsel when facing any criminal charges. If convicted, jail time and fines are inevitable. In DUI, assault and battery, and theft and robbery cases, the outcome for a case is significantly better when using an excellent criminal defense attorney. Calling for a free consultation means peace of mind knowing the next steps and how charges can be minimized and, in some cases, dismissed. Please do not leave it to the chance of missing a paperwork or filing deadline, and instead, have someone fighting for you throughout this stressful process. Do your part and find legal representation who can help and will not give up. Serving time in jail and having to repay the money, along with fines, can be devastating to individuals and families. Losing driving privileges and not being able to continue with the daily life of working and fulfilling other obligations can have long-term effects, so fight for the best outcome possible!

If you are on the fence about hiring a defense attorney, stop thinking about it, and do it now

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