Top Reasons You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego

If you or someone you know and care for has been arrested and is facing criminal charges, you likely feel overwhelmed and do not know what steps to take next. Let’s face it - when you are arrested or get the call that someone who has been arrested needs your help, the next dump of information can be difficult to recall in detail. This is when having someone with experience helps bring clarity to the entire situation making it more manageable and easier to navigate. There are several reasons to seek the expertise of a private defense attorney in these sensitive situations because it may be the difference between fines and a prison sentence. Looking into having a professional by your side, who is fully invested in the best outcome for your case, is worth it, and here are the top reasons why.

Criminal Lawyers Know the Law and Present Multiple Defenses

California criminal law is complicated. Within each law, other components may not be known or presented to someone facing charges. Having all the information relevant to a case is critical, and finding the most viable defense is vital to a successful outcome. A dedicated criminal defense attorney will fight for a dismissal or reduced charges when dismissal is impossible.

Local attorneys also have relationships with the courts and judges and understand the unique nuances of each court district and past decisions. These things may not seem significant, but when you face criminal charges, every little thing may significantly impact the outcome of a case.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Know How to Gather Solid Evidence on Your Behalf

Skilled defense attorneys are experts at gathering evidence to support your case best and create the most robust defense. The courts will consider only a well-organized and complete representation of your side of things. An experienced lawyer will gather physical evidence as well as secure witnesses. Established attorneys have community relationships and access to reputable and respected expert witnesses that may significantly help in your case.

The Support of An Experienced Lawyer Provides Guidance

Although most people do not think about the level of support a criminal defense attorney offers, the role of a professional is to communicate often and clearly and never leave a client wondering what is happening. The best defense attorneys will always be available to clients throughout the process and do not hesitate to change something that could benefit the client. There will be moments when emotional support is part of the attorney's job because facing criminal charges is an emotional experience and affects not only the defendant but those who love them.

Collecting Details to Ensure Rights Were Not Violated

Everyone has seen it play out in a high-profile court case. When someone's rights are violated, it can nullify a claim and result in dismissal. Although most Americans know some of their constitutional rights when facing arrest, there is a strict protocol that law enforcement must follow, and only someone with a legal background and training knows every detail. It is not worth the risk to handle your own case when facing criminal charges because an opportunity that could help you significantly may be missed.

Mistakes by the arresting officers may lead to inadmissible evidence, which means it can’t be used against you. Anything that can be removed from the case is beneficial!

The Laws Are Continually Changing

In California, the laws can change without people knowing. Only attorneys and those in the legal field are aware of changes coming down the pipeline in the legislature. For example, on July 1st of this year, there is a new opportunity for expungements for those who have fulfilled their sentence and been clean for four years. It is a massive deal for thousands of Californians who want to seal their records and move on with their lives. If you think this may apply to you, please contact a professional defense attorney's office for details and see if they can help you get the expungement you deserve!

Negotiating Sentence Terms Can Be Tricky Without Experience

If a criminal case is set to go to trial, there is a window when a defense attorney can do plea bargains. Although it is state law to assign a defense lawyer free of charge, these attorneys often need help and go for the apparent and minimum deal. A court hearing is expensive to the state and taxpayers, so a plea bargain agreement should be considered by anyone facing criminal charges that are not granted dismissal.

There are so many areas of a criminal case where an experienced attorney can provide invaluable assistance and guidance. When facing criminal charges, it is not time to hesitate or try to go it alone. When it counts, contact a professional for a free consultation and only choose someone you feel can best represent you and get the most favorable outcome!

If you are on the fence about hiring a defense attorney, stop thinking about it, and do it now

Hiring a criminal defense attorney like Joni Eisenstein can help you go from a place of uncertainty to freedom.