Under Investigation

You need experienced Criminal Attorney representation
To protect your constitutional rights!

If you are currently under investigation, contact me immediately so I can help you!

If you are currently under investigation by any law enforcement agency, DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE BEFORE YOU CONSULT AN ATTORNEY. If you answer any questions asked of you by any member of law enforcement, YOU ARE WAIVING BOTH YOUR FIFTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS AGAINST SELF INCRIMINATION (right to remain silent) AND YOUR SIXTH AMENDMENT RIGHT TO COUNSEL (right to a lawyer).

Once you make a statement to the police, you cannot take it back. It is not unusual for a client to review a police report containing their statement and dispute the content of the statement as reported by the police. This is why IT IS IMPERATIVE that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer prior to returning a phone call to anyone in law enforcement who is attempting to contact you. You will not hurt your case or yourself by refusing to talk to the police and invoking both your 5th and 6th amendment rights.

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