What is Exculpatory Evidence in California Criminal Cases?

Strong evidence can mean the difference between jail time and your freedom. Learn how a skilled defense lawyer can help you clear your name in your San Diego criminal case.

If you’ve watched any TV crime drama, you know the value of strong evidence. Evidence in a criminal case can either prove that a defendant committed a crime or exonerate him. When your freedom is on the line, evidence is the determining factor that can keep an innocent person out of jail. If you are facing criminal charges, you want to know about exculpatory evidence and understand your rights when it comes to disclosing evidence that could exonerate you. 

What is exculpatory evidence? 

Evidence that supports a defendant’s guilt is known as inculpatory evidence. It is used to prove that an individual committed a crime. Examples of inculpatory evidence can include video footage of the defendant committing a robbery, an eyewitness statement or DNA testing. 

Exculpatory evidence, on the other hand, supports a defendant’s innocence. It can include proof of an alibi, an eyewitness statement, video footage, audio recordings or any other physical evidence that shows doubt that the person in question committed the crime. 

A skilled criminal defense attorney will work with you to unearth exculpatory evidence to present in trial. However, the prosecutor also has the responsibility to reveal any evidence that tends to prove that a defendant did not commit the offense in question. 

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What is a Brady Violation? 

In the 1963 case of Brady v. Maryland, the prosecution suppressed evidence that could have been used to show Brady’s innocence. John Brady was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. Throughout the trial, he asserted his innocence in the murder; however, he did admit involvement in the coinciding robbery. After the conviction, it was discovered that Brady’s accomplice had already confessed to the murder in a written statement that was never provided to Brady’s defense. 

In the subsequent Supreme Court ruling, they found that the disclosure of the confession likely would have resulted in a different outcome for Brady, and therefore denied him of his due process of law and right to a fair trial. 

A Brady violation occurs when the prosecution fails to turn over evidence that could prove innocence, reduce a sentence or otherwise cast doubt on the guilt of a defendant. If the court finds that there has been a Brady violation, there are several possibilities for your case. It may even result in an overturned sentence, a dismissal of the case or a mistrial. 

How can a San Diego criminal defense attorney help you?

When it comes to evidence, an experienced criminal defense attorney is skilled at finding evidence that could exonerate their client. They will also know how to get Brady evidence from the prosecution by filing a Brady motion. 

It is not uncommon for the prosecution to be less-than-willing to hand over Brady evidence. In fact, there are plenty of cases that occur today where certain evidence has been kept from the defense. A good defense attorney will work hard to get that evidence on your behalf. They will work tirelessly to unearth any evidence that could clear your name and secure your freedom. 

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