What To Do If You Have a San Diego Arrest Warrant

Protect your freedom by securing a San Diego criminal defense attorney as soon as you know there is a warrant for your arrest.

“We have a warrant for your arrest.” 

These are words that no one wants to hear. Having an arrest warrant in California can be terrifying and confusing. Instead of running away from the issue, the first thing you should do is contact an attorney. 

An experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney can help you determine if there truly is a warrant for your arrest and, if so, what the charges are against you. Your attorney may be able to take actions on your behalf to clear the warrant so you can avoid jail time and the humiliation of being arrested at home or at your workplace. 

Criminal defense attorney Joni Eisenstein has been helping clients maintain their freedom when they are faced with a California arrest warrant. As one of the leading defense attorneys in San Diego, Joni Eisenstein has successfully represented clients in matters involving arrest warrants since 2003. With skill and tenacity, she has even worked to prevent charges and warrants from being issued in the first place. Protect your freedom by securing a San Diego criminal defense attorney as soon as you know you are being investigated for a crime. 

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What is an arrest warrant? 

If you are suspected of committing a crime, the police will seek to obtain an arrest warrant which gives them the authority to arrest you and bring you to jail. First, police will gather evidence to show that there is probable cause that you were involved in the crime. If the prosecutor agrees that the evidence is enough to reasonably show your involvement, they may take the case to a judge to obtain an arrest warrant. 

It is important to know that police do not need to have a warrant to arrest you. If they witness you committing a crime, they can arrest you on site. Warrants are issued when you are suspected of committing a crime that did not occur in the presence of law enforcement. 

How do I know if there is a warrant out for my arrest? 

Many people may suspect that there is a warrant out for their arrest. Others have no idea until police come knocking on their door or show up at their workplace. It is not uncommon for San Diego residents to call a criminal defense attorney to find out if there has been a warrant issued for them. For the most part, it is relatively easy to search for active warrants in San Diego county. 

However, it is always best to seek the assistance of an attorney to guide you through the process. A defense attorney can search for any active warrants under your name, determine the exact charges against you and work to protect you from being arrested and going to jail. Remember, when there is a warrant with your name on it, the police can arrest you at any time. Take the proper steps to protect yourself by working with an experienced attorney right away. 

How do police execute a San Diego arrest warrant? 

Once a warrant has been issued by a judge, you can be arrested by the police. In general, you can be arrested at home, at work or during a traffic stop. If they attempt to arrest you at your home, it is in your best interest to respond. If they believe you are inside the residence but refuse to cooperate, they may use force to enter the premises. 

Police are not required to physically possess a copy of the warrant in order to make the arrest. If you are pulled over for a traffic violation, the police will be privy to any active arrest warrants after running your information. In cases like this, they can make the arrest without the physical warrant on hand. 

How can an attorney help me with an arrest warrant in California? 

If you have an active warrant against you in the city of San Diego, a criminal defense attorney can help you in a few key ways. A warrant means that you can be arrested at any time, including in front of family, friends and coworkers. An attorney may be able to take action that would prevent the police from arresting you on their timeline. Instead, arrangements can be made to schedule the arrest at a time that allows you to maintain your pride. 

In some instances, a defense lawyer can get ahead of your case by providing evidence to support your innocence to the prosecutor. If the evidence is convincing enough, the prosecutor may decide not to file charges. Because every case is different, contact an attorney for advice specific to your arrest warrant and charges. 

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