San Diegans Should Treat Probation Violations Seriously


Although being put on probation is a much-preferred option when facing the consequences of a crime, the terms and conditions present many challenges that can become increasingly difficult to adhere to as things in life come up. Sometimes, people violate probation without realizing they have done anything wrong or think it is not severe enough to worry about.

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Are Wrongful Convictions Worth Fighting with a Private Defense Attorney?

Wrongful convictions happen, and innocent people end up behind bars. Although once convicted, it may seem too dire to continue fighting. It is always beneficial to seek an exceptional private criminal defense attorney. Since California and counties within the state can determine if re-opening a case is viable, a professional defense lawyer can help clients in counties where fighting a wrongful conviction is possible. Only an experienced professional can ensure the triumphant re-opening of a case and that every piece of evidence is re-examined and revisited to ensure that no information was falsified that led to the conviction.

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What Makes Evidence Inadmissible in Court?


Not all evidence is good evidence. United States Federal Law stipulates what kind of evidence can be legally used in trial, and which evidence is considered inadmissible. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys are concerned with the admissibility of evidence, as the law applies to both sides of the table. Ultimately, the judge is the one…

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What Happens During a California Arraignment?

person behind bars

Getting arrested is a harrowing experience for most people, especially for those who do not have much experience with the California legal system. You may feel that you are being treated as if you are guilty, even before you step into the courtroom to see the judge. You may feel confused, panicked and fearful about…

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Can You Be Penalized for Missing Jury Duty?

judge gavel

As a citizen of the United States, it is your civic duty to serve on a jury when called to do so by the courts. While some people relish in the opportunity to participate on a jury and help uphold the rights given to citizens under the U. S. Constitution, others will try to avoid…

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Understanding Juror Misconduct in California

juror misconduct

Understanding Juror Misconduct in California In the United States, all defendants are guaranteed the right to a trial by an impartial jury of their peers. Read on to find out how juror misconduct can impede your ability to get the fair trial you deserve. What is Juror Misconduct?  While we may want to believe that…

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What San Diego Jurors Need to Know About Reporting for Jury Duty

empty jury box

What San Diego Jurors Need to Know About Reporting for Jury Duty Criminal trials are now being held in San Diego County courthouses. As a prospective juror, find out what you need to know about reporting for jury duty and staying safe. Earlier this month, the San Diego Superior Court held its first criminal trial…

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Understanding Common Pretrial Motions for California Criminal Cases

court files

Understanding Common Pretrial Motions for California Criminal Cases To help you get the best possible outcome in your case, your defense attorney can file pretrial motions to weaken the case against you or get your case dismissed altogether. A lot goes on in your case prior to a trial. During the pretrial phase of court…

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