How to Fight Your Drunk in Public Charge

public Intoxication

Let’s say an after-work happy hour or a Sunday Funday got a little out of hand. Could you be arrested for public intoxication in California? The answer is maybe. Many people mistakenly believe that it is illegal to be drunk in a public space. In California, this is not always the case. There are penalties…

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Is Detainment the Same as an Arrest?

man getting arrested

The terms detainment and arrest are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Protect your rights when you are in an encounter with law enforcement by knowing the difference between the two.  For most people, an encounter with the police can be frightening and full of uncertainty. There are several scenarios that can…

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Should You Plead Guilty to Avoid a Trial?

plead guilty

When you are up against criminal charges, you have choices in front of you. You can go to trial or plead guilty. Before you decide, consult with a criminal defense attorney who can explain your rights and help you come to the right decision for your case.  If you are charged with a crime in…

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Understanding California’s Resisting Arrest Laws

resisting arrest

Obstructing law enforcement or medical personnel from doing their jobs is against the law in California. If you’ve been charged with resisting arrest, talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to determine if the charges rightly apply to your case.  Resisting arrest is a charge that you frequently hear in crime shows on…

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What Can a San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Do For You

man in handcuffs

When you are in trouble with the law, you need a skilled defense attorney to protect your rights and help you get a positive outcome in your case.  DUI. Domestic abuse. Assault and battery. Thefts. Warrants. Criminal charges of any kind can be stressful and put significant strain on your personal and professional life. The…

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Which Crimes Have a Statute of Limitations in California?


Are you wondering if you can still be prosecuted for a crime in California? Learn more about Statutes of Limitations and what crimes are not covered under these laws.  What is a statute of limitations?  The statute of limitations is a set time period for which a prosecutor can bring criminal charges against you. If…

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