Will I Lose My License After a DUI Arrest?

You’ve been arrested for driving under the influence in San Diego. What happens next depends on a quality defense.

You’ve been arrested for driving under the influence in San Diego. If this is your first offense, you probably have many questions running through your head. How much will this cost? Will I go to jail? Will I lose my driver’s license? Do I need a lawyer? 

Apart from the expense of dealing with a DUI case, many people are concerned about losing their driver’s license. With arraignment dates being pushed back 6 months in the future, you may feel like you have some breathing room. However, the smart move is to hire an experienced DUI defense attorney right after your arrest. A well-connected attorney who has a good relationship with the District Attorney can make a difference in what charges are filed, or if charges are filed at all. 

The consequences of a DUI conviction in San Diego can have a lasting impact on your life, both personally and professionally. Therefore, it is critical that you hire reputable DUI defense to help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights. Attorney Joni Eisenstein has years of experience working in the San Diego courts since 2003, helping countless clients fight their DUI charges. When you need a qualified DUI attorney by your side, contact the San Diego DUI expert at the Law Office of Joni Eisenstein.  

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San Diego DUI Charges and Your Driver’s License 

Many people don’t realize that there are two ways you can lose your license after a DUI charge. In this article, you will find out the answers to important questions related to DUI charges in San Diego as well as the DMV hearing process. 

Will I lose my license after a DUI arrest? 

In San Diego, you can lose your driver’s license after a DUI arrest in two ways: from a DUI conviction in a criminal court or an administrative suspension from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

At the time of your DUI arrest, the officer is required to confiscate your driver’s license. The arresting officer will provide you with a Notice of Suspension. This document acts as your temporary driver’s license and is valid for 30 days from the date of your arrest. After that 30-day period, your license will automatically be suspended unless you request a DMV hearing. A DMV hearing must be requested within 10 days of your DUI arrest.  

What is a DMV hearing?

The DMV hearing is an opportunity for you to show the DMV that your license should not be suspended. During the hearing, you have the chance to review all evidence against you and present witnesses, including the arresting officer. This hearing is not presided over by a judge and is not held in a criminal court. Rather, it is presided over by a DMV officer and is held in a DMV office. 

The DMV hearing is generally more casual than a criminal proceeding, but that does not mean that it should be taken lightly. Defendants do not need a lawyer for this hearing; however, your chances of getting a positive outcome are greatly increased with an experienced attorney by your side. 

Why should I hire an attorney for my DUI charges? 

A DUI defense attorney should be retained immediately after your DUI arrest for two primary reasons. For one, you only have 10 days from the time of your arrest to request a DMV hearing. After that, your license will automatically be suspended at the end of the 30-day period. 

No matter when your arraignment date is set, you will only have the first 10 days after your arrest to request a DMV hearing. Your DUI attorney will know which DMV office to schedule your hearing with, so you can avoid automatic suspension of your license. Your attorney can also appear at the DMV hearing on your behalf if you choose not to attend. 

Second, hiring an attorney right away gives your counsel ample time to work with the District Attorney prior to your arraignment. A reputable attorney with experience in the courthouse where you will be tried may have the ability to convince the DA to lessen or drop the charges altogether. 

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A DUI is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. If you are facing DUI charges in the San Diego area, hire a respected and experienced DUI attorney to represent you at the DMV and in the court. Losing your driver’s license is a loss of your freedom and can impact your life and your work. 

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