Fighting Traffic Violations in San Diego County

Traffic Pull Over Cop Car

Residents in San Diego County receive traffic violations for any number of reasons. Often, people pay fines and take the required classes, especially if they know they were in the wrong. However, when a ticket is unjust or multiple offenses are listed, seeking an experienced criminal defense attorney can help minimize the consequences because she will fight to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license and keep you out of jail.

Avoiding Points, Jailtime, and Suspension

Although some minor traffic violations come with a fine, some come with points added to your driving record, which will increase your car insurance rates. Your driver’s license may be suspended in California when too many points are added to a driving record. When someone loses their right to drive, get to work, and fulfill obligations for transportation, the results are devastating. Today, delivery drivers are making a living between multiple food delivery and transportation companies, so losing the ability to drive may mean the loss of employment. Too many violations and one of these companies may not allow you to continue making deliveries because it becomes a liability.

Entering a Not Guilty Plea

Instead of paying the fine and forgetting about it, in most cases, it is a good idea to enter a not guilty pleas so you can get a court date. The fine does not change if you choose to do so. It is a good idea because the officer who gave you the ticket does not appear on your court date, so your case will be thrown out. A knowledgeable defense lawyer that exclusively serves in San Diego County will be able to inform those facing traffic violations of the chances of this happening and handle all the paperwork necessary to ensure it goes smoothly.

A qualified defense lawyer will work by your side, presenting the most robust defense against traffic violations, increasing the likelihood of a not-guilty verdict. A not guilty verdict means no fines, traffic school, points, jail time, loss of work, or insurance rate increases.

Most Common Traffic Violations

Driving comes with a huge responsibility, and although there are more violations than can be listed here, some common traffic violations occur regularly in San Diego County. Speeding, using a cell phone or distracted driving, passing violations, disregard of traffic signs and signals, not yielding to road workers or police activity, and red-light camera tickets are some of the most common traffic violations issued. The good thing about common violations is that an experienced defense lawyer knows which defenses work in which courts and with which judges and has an advantage when fighting these common violations in San Diego courts.

More Serious Traffic Violations

Additionally, more severe charges, like DUIs and hit and runs, need professional legal representation to have the highest probability of being reduced. Reckless driving, road rage, and driving on a suspended license violation may result in jail time and the loss of driving privileges. Whether you are a first-time offender or have multiple traffic violations against you, get a skilled defense lawyer immediately. A dedicated and experienced defense lawyer will present the most viable defense on your behalf and continue to fight for the lowest charges and consequences. Hiring a private attorney gives clients facing traffic violations peace of mind that does not come with a court-appointed attorney.

Attorney Joni Eisenstein, based in Oceanside, has been successfully helping clients since 2003 fight unjust and multiple traffic violations throughout San Diego County. Experience trying hundreds of traffic violation cases in San Diego County, she focuses on helping clients get the best possible outcome in misdemeanor and felony charges. There is no criminal defense attorney with more experience or wins for her clients. If you face traffic violations in San Diego County, contact Joni Eisenstein for a free consultation today.

Every traffic violation case is unique, and the details must be reviewed carefully to prepare the best strategy for your case. California law is complex, and it is essential to have someone with the knowledge to interpret it with expertise that can help your case. Clear, honest, and continual communication allows Attorney Eisenstein to keep clients informed, determine the best course of action, and clear her client’s plate of unnecessary paperwork and court appearances. Joni Eisenstein is well-established and knowledgeable in the San Diego courts and will fight relentlessly to get the best outcome for her clients facing traffic violations. Do not sit back and wait for the fate of your case to fall in the hands of someone without enough experience to get a favorable outcome – San Diego County residents deserve to fight against traffic violations!