How to Prepare For Your Defense Attorney Consultation

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You have found yourself in the position where you need a criminal defense attorney. Surely, you are feeling a range of emotions from fear and anxiety to frustration and anger. Facing criminal charges is not easy for defendants and their families. Criminal convictions can result in hefty fines, time in jail and significant repercussions for your family life.

That is why it is imperative to secure a professional, reliable criminal defense attorney as soon as you find out that you are facing criminal charges in San Diego County. A skilled attorney who you can trust is your best asset when dealing with the legal system and fighting for your freedom. Just like you would prepare for any other important event in your life, there is some preparation you should do before meeting with your criminal defense attorney for the first time.

If you are in need of a San Diego criminal defense attorney, consider the following tips for helping you prepare for your initial consultation.

Record the details of your case

While it would not be surprising if the events leading up to your criminal charges were unclear, it is vital that you take the time to record your account of what happened. The details of your case will be highly valuable to your criminal defense attorney. Write down everything you can remember, and understand that even the smallest details can be meaningful. 

If helpful, refer to your calendar, your phone log and other relevant tools that may assist you in recalling additional details. Addressing your account directly to your attorney can ensure that everything you say within that document is privileged information that cannot be shared. 

Do not forget to include details of any interactions that you had with witnesses or law enforcement during that time. For example, if the defendant is concerned that they may have said too much to the police before their attorney was present, they should make sure to record what they said in that conversation.

Be honest with your attorney

Your criminal defense attorney is your greatest ally in helping you fight for your freedom. In any written or verbal documentation provided to your attorney, the defendant should be sure to be honest. Withholding facts from your attorney prior to trial can leave your attorney exposed and unable to defend you.

Be sure to divulge any past criminal history that could impact your current case. If your case involves another individual, be sure to include details of that relationship. Chances are pretty good that your attorney or the prosecutor will dig up this information anyway, so it is best to be upfront about it so that you can prepare your strongest defense.

Bring all pertinent documentation

Prior to the consultation with your criminal defense attorney, gather all pertinent paperwork that you've received related to your case. Some common pieces of paperwork that you may receive include the names or business cards of the police officers at your arrest, copies of police reports or search warrants. 

Gather the contact information for any witnesses. Be sure to log any digital data that may be pertinent, including cell phone call logs, text messages, pictures or social media activity. The more information you can bring to your attorney, the better. Not only will you save time and money, but it can ensure that these important pieces of potential evidence do not get lost over time. 

Prepare questions for your attorney

In your initial consultation with a criminal defense attorney, come prepared with a list of questions. Remember, you are hiring them to defend you and you have the right to interview them to ensure that they will provide you with the services that you require. 

Criminal defense attorneys understand that most defendants do not have extensive experience with the law, and so they expect defendants to have many questions related to their case. If you are unsure what you should ask, a quick Google search will give you some starting points for questions to ask a criminal defense attorney.

Typical questions may include: the experience of the attorney and their staff in defending cases similar to yours, payment information, communication style and details about the court process.

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