Will Your Felony Cause You To Lose Your Rights?


One of the greatest advantages of living in this country is the rights you enjoy under the law. However, those rights can be taken away if you are convicted of a felony. Convicted felons in the state of California will face many serious consequences including jail time, fines and the loss of certain rights. If you have been convicted of a felony, you should be aware of the rights that you will lose. 

Restrictions vary from state to state. In some states, a convicted felon will lose the right to vote. In California, this is not the case. Those convicted of a felony will not be able to vote while in prison. However, upon their release, their right to vote will be reinstated. It is important to note that if you were convicted in the state of California and choose to move to a different state, you should consult with an attorney to see if your right to vote is restricted there.

Rights You Might Lose After a Felony Conviction

Even though serving on a jury is something many people wish to avoid, it is one of our most important rights as a citizen of the United states. Every defendant has the right to be tried by a jury of their peers. By serving on a jury, you are doing your part to ensure that all defendants get a fair trial and receive justice. In the state of California, those convicted of a felony may be barred from serving on a jury. This right may be reinstated through a relatively lengthy and complicated process that requires the assistance of a competent criminal defense attorney.

Perhaps one of the most controversial rights that can be lost due to a felony conviction is your right to bear arms. We frequently hear about the 2nd amendment and the right to possess a gun. In California, criminal defendants who are convicted of a felony charge will lose their rights under the Second Amendment and will be unable to own or possess a firearm. In addition to felony convictions, there are other convictions that can result in the loss of your right to bear arms, including certain misdemeanor offenses such as domestic or physical violence and hate crimes.

Your right to employment is another potential consequence of a felony conviction in the state of California. Many people do not realize the ramifications of a felony conviction outside of their right to bear arms. However, many employers and educational institutions will not accept a person with a felony conviction. Certain professions in the education, medical or financial fields will bar felons from holding professional licenses, depending on the nature of their offense. This can seriously impact career prospects and future income potential.

Finally, parents who are convicted of a felony may face an uphill challenge when it comes to gaining custody of their children. Convicted felons in the state of California who are dealing with child custody issues should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Felony convictions are taken seriously in the state of California and have serious ramifications for your future, personally and professionally. Many people do not appreciate the rights they have until they are taken away. If you are facing felony charges or if you have been convicted of a felony and are seeking assistance in regaining your rights, contact the Law Office of Joni Eisenstein today. With years xperience in the San Diego County criminal courts since 2003, Joni Eisenstein is highly experienced and capable. By contacting her office today, you can schedule a consultation to discuss the facts of your case and see how she might be able to help you fight your charges and preserve your rights under the law.