How to Choose the Right Criminal Defense Attorney For You

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When you are in trouble with the law, you need help right away. A criminal defense attorney is your greatest ally when you are facing charges for DUI, domestic violence, theft, assault and battery or traffic violations. 

Your freedom is one of your most valuable assets. Jail time, hefty fines and other restrictions can seriously impact the way you live your life and care for your family. It can change your education and employment prospects and significantly affect your future. Instead of trying to handle the situation on your own, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced, competent Oceanside criminal defense attorney to represent you in the court system. 

If you watch television at all, you will be bombarded by advertisements for attorneys vying for your business. How do you choose a lawyer who will not only fight tirelessly for you, but has the experience you need to get the best possible outcome? Choosing the right attorney can be challenging. Read on to learn our top tips for hiring the right criminal defense attorney for you. 

5 Tips for Hiring a Defense Attorney 

Not all experience is created equal. 

Years of experience is important, but the kind of experience matters more. Attorneys who specialize in a certain type of law may not be the best choice for your specific case. For example, an attorney who has represented many clients in their DUI cases may not have a working knowledge of the laws related to your domestic violence case. 

Check their references. 

Anytime you hire someone to provide a service, you should check their references. The same goes for hiring a defense attorney. A quality attorney will have the reputation to match. Read online reviews to get an idea of the service they provided. During your consultation, ask the attorney to provide references from clients who had a similar case as yours. 

Communication is key. 

When your freedom is on the line, you want an attorney who is responsive to your needs. You don’t want to feel like just a number when your future is in their hands. Ask the attorney how they communicate with their clients. Does the attorney speak in such a way that you can understand even the most complex legal jargon? Do they help you understand your options with clear explanations? 

Do they have courtroom experience?

While many criminal cases do not go to trial, there is always the chance that yours will. Be sure to hire a criminal defense attorney who has experience in the courtroom. A good attorney will help you understand your options depending on the facts of your case. If they believe that going to trail is your best shot, they better have the courtroom experience you need. 

Follow your gut. 

Like any other big decision, it is critical that you follow your gut. Does the attorney speak to you in a way that is condescending or belittling? Does he or she pressure you into options that you do not feel comfortable with? Are they open and honest with you about your case? Choosing the right defense attorney is a big decision. If yours does not give you a good feeling, hire someone else. 

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